Joint 5th Central-European Mineralogical Conference and 7th Mineral Sciences in the Carpathians Conference will be held at Banská Štiavnica, Slovak Republic.


Banská Štiavnica is accessible by train and bus from (for finding specific connections you can use

Conference program will be held at Old Castle of Banská Štiavnica.

There are many opportunities for sightseeing in Banská Štiavnica, part of which belongs to Slovak Mining Museum (SBM) Expositions.

SBM Expositions: 1 – New Castle, 2 – Old Castle (CEMC 2018 Venue, 3 – Berggericht – mineralogical exhibition, 4 – Jozef Kollár Gallery, 5 – Kammerhof, 6 –  Glanzenberg Adit, 7 – Open Air Mining Museum. Other sights: 8 – St. Catherine Church, 9 – Botanical garden, 10 – Lutheran Church, 11 – Knocking Tower Klopačka, 12 – The Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary



Accommodation is not included in the conference fee but participants can choose some of recommended facilities:

Hotel Grand Matej

stiavnica.skPension NostalgiaHostel sv. Juraj, Luxury apartments Scharffenberg, Apartments Nad Klopačkou