If you want to order the Conference or Excursion fee, follow these steps:

1. Visit the Conference fee page available in your participant menu (blue rectangle). Click on your chosen type of fee (red rectangle).

2. When your fee page opens, click on “Add to Cart” once.

3. Then the message appears and you can visit your Cart by clicking on links highlighted in red and blue rectangles or continue ordering (e.g. Excursion fees) by clicking “Home” link (in the green rectangle).

4. In the Cart you can check your order (or delete it by clicking little red cross) and then click on “Proceed to Checkout” (red rectangle).

5. In the Checkout, check your Billing details (blue rectangle) and correct them, if needed. You can still go back and change your order in the Cart. If everything is OK, Place the Order (red rectangle).


6. Now your order is placed. Our bank details are in blue rectangle, your order ID (for identification of your payment) is in the red rectangle. If you need more information about our society (address, email, etc.), you can find it here. If you made a mistake and realized it now, you can contact us at cemc2018payment@cemc2018.com. Contact us also, when you want to pay by credit card.

Conference and excursion fees don’t have to be paid immediately after ordering (if your project is funded later in the year), there is no invoice expiration date but we would like to ask you to pay as soon as possible. It would help us to prepare the pleasant and well-organized conference for you.